The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company plans to partner with the United Soybean Board to release two new lines of soy-based sustainable tires.

In 2017, Goodyear released the first commercial use of a soybean-based rubber compound. This compound was created by the company’s scientists and engineers. Their research found soybean oil improved tire flexibility and increased surface grip.

“Goodyear’s rollout of their first soy-biobased tires for waste haul and city buses is a breakthrough for U.S. soybean growers and the cities that depend on high-performing and sustain tires,” USB Chairman Ralph Lott said. “These big tires are another exciting way to deliver sustainable soy to more lives, every day.”

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The new product lines include the Goodyear Metro Miller G152 and G652 tires created for transit buses. Additionally, the company will replace the petroleum materials in its Endurance WHA waste haul tires with soy-based products.

Goodyear said it plans to fully replace its use of petroleum-derived oils by 2040. 

The tires will be available for order in the third quarter of 2022.

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