The Republican Party’s draft 2024 platform calls for revoking China’s trade status, reiterates his proposal for across-the-board tariffs on imported products, and recommends making 2017 tax cuts permanent.

The 16-page platform, adopted by the GOP platform committee and closely managed by the Trump campaign, is a much less detailed document than parties have typically put forward in the past. The Republican National Convention starts next Monday in Milwaukee.

The 2016 GOP platform was 66 pages and emphasized the importance of agricultural exports to the U.S. economy and called for removing the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program from USDA. The party didn't adopt a new platform in 2020.

The 2024 platform mentions “farmer” only in relation to the trade proposals. The words “agriculture” and “rural” do not appear. But the platform also calls for cutting government regulations, an idea that would have broad support among many major farm groups.

“Republicans will reinstate President Trump's Deregulation Policies, which saved Americans $11,000 per household, and end Democrats’ regulatory onslaught that disproportionately harms low- and middle-income households,” says the platform, which doesn’t cite data for the savings claim.

The platform specifically mentions tailpipe emissions standards adopted by the Biden administration that are viewed as a mandate for electric vehicles.

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The mentions of the tariffs and revoking permanent normal trade relations, or PNTR, with China are contained in a chapter of the platform titled, “Protect American Workers and Farmers from Unfair Trade.” Both measures could have implications for U.S. ag exports, if they lead to retaliatory duties.

“The Republican Party stands for a patriotic ‘America First’ Economic Policy. Republicans offer a robust plan to protect American Workers, Farmers, and Industries from unfair Foreign Competition,” the platform says.

“We commit to rebalancing Trade, securing Strategic Independence, and revitalizing Manufacturing. We will prioritize Domestic Production, and ensure National Independence in essential goods and services. Together, we will build a Strong, Self-reliant, and Prosperous America.”

Another provision in the trade chapter calls for strengthening “buy American” regulations.

Trump has also made clear that he wants to make permanent provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that passed during his first year in office and are set to expire at the end of 2025. The provisions include cuts in individual tax rates, a 20% deduction for small business income, and a doubling of the estate tax exemption. 

The platform doesn’t mention those provisions specifically, but calls for making the “Trump Tax Cuts Permanent,” and goes on to say, “Republicans will make permanent the provisions of the Trump Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that doubled the standard deduction, expanded the Child Tax Credit, and spurred Economic Growth for all Americans. We will eliminate Taxes on Tips for millions of Restaurant and Hospitality Workers, and pursue additional Tax Cuts.”

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