WASHINGTON, August 27, 2012- USDA’s Crop Progress report from the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) released Monday confirmed the continuing early harvest season. Six percent of the corn is harvested in the 18 most corn producing states so far this season, while the average for the time of year is approximately two percent. 

This week, 11 states reported harvesting corn this early in the season. Indiana, Iowa and Pennsylvania began harvesting since last week’s report. According to the NASS report, 26 percent of the corn crop is mature and 76 percent is dented. This time last year, seven percent of the crop condition qualified as mature. 

While harvest continued, corn condition took a slight dip from last week, with 22 percent in good to excellent condition and 52 percent in very poor to poor condition, one percent higher than last week. Undesirable soybean condition similarly increased one percentage point from last week with 38 percent in poor to very poor condition.

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