WASHINGTON, July 9, 2013 -  Fresh from a GOP conference meeting, Rep. Steve King, R- Iowa, told members of the American Soybean Association that Republican leaders plan to split the farm bill into two parts, voting only on the “farm” portion of the legislation  and setting aside the nutrition portion. They would also repeal permanent law and replace it with permanent provisions reflecting 2013 provisions.

King said he spent his entire Fourth of July holiday trying to convince leaders to keep the entire farm bill intact. And he said it was too soon to say how he would vote on the latest option to pass at least some parts of the farm bill. 

“I disagree with this tactic,” he told Agri-Pulse, while adding that, “I don’t know if they have the votes.”

King said he was uncertain how some of the 62 Republicans who voted against final passage would vote on this new package, especially given that there would be no reform of the food stamp program.





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