WINTERSET, IOWA, June 28, 2015 - Donald Trump says if he were elected president he would negotiate trade on an individual, country-by-country basis, rather than some of the multi-lateral deals currently being negotiated.

“The trade deal is a disaster,” he told a crowd of around 200 at a fundraiser in Madison County, Iowa, Saturday night. Winterset, with a population of around 5,000, is located in southwest Iowa and is historically significant as the birthplace of Marion Morrison, widely known as the actor John Wayne.

“I like free trade but the problem with free trade is you need smart people representing you and we don’t have smart people.I don’t like it if you don’t have the right people representing us and I don’t want Obama negotiating for me.  I would have the smartest people there are making individual deals with individual countries.”


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke to supporters in Winterset, Iowa, during a campaign stop on Saturday
Trump briefly touched on recent Supreme Court decisions such as upholding the Affordable Care Act. “Obamacare is going to destroy the country, he said. “It was a shocking decision. Justice (John)Roberts should be ashamed of himself. It should be called Robertscare. The law should have been repealed two years ago. We need a great plan – one much better for the people, much better for the government and we are going to do that.”

On marriage equality, another landmark Supreme Court decision last week which made same-sex marriage a right across every state , Trump said, “I, along with a lot of other people, would have preferred the states make their own decisions. It’s avery sad thing they didn’t allow states to make the decision.”

Trump says he would make “big changes” in Washington. “You look at the USDA it’s a disaster. Every agency needs to be looked at. These are jobs that are often gotten because of political contributions. These politicians are controlled by the people that give them money. They are controlled by special interest groups. They don’t care about the people.”

Rebuilding the military is also a priority. “I’m very strong on the military. We need to rebuild our strength and we are going to rebuild it like it’s never been done before. We are at the weakest point we have been in years because we don’t have any money. It’s been drained away from us by China and Mexico. All these subsidies are draining money.”

He also promised to take are of veterans, which drew applause from the crowd.

Even though he listed no specifics, Trump elaborated on his overarching campaign theme to rebuild America, saying, “We are going to bring back jobs. We are going to create a really wealthy country again.We are going to save Social Security, Medicare, the whole thing.No politician can do it because they are all talk and no action.”

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On immigration Trump noted, “We want strong borders. Iknow a lot of Hispanics that don’t want illegals flowing in to the US. The people that are here legally and have jobs don’t want the illegals pouring in. Plus, it’s a crime wave and they don’t want that happening.”

Trump drew chuckles from the crowd on several occasions as he made fun of himself even joking about his hair style. He said if elected he would change his hair style. Trump said he wouldn’t be able to maintain his current hair style as he would be working too hard.