WASHINGTON, Jan.31, 2017 – Tom Vilsack is backing Sonny Perdue to run the Department of Agriculture, the job Vilsack held for eight years under President Barack Obama, according to a press release from the Trump transition team.

The release notes that Perdue is only one of President Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees to secure the support of his predecessor.

The transition team released the following statement from Vilsack, a former Democratic governor of Iowa, in support of Perdue, a former Republican governor of Georgia:

“I have had the opportunity to work with Gov. Perdue and know how committed he is to all of our farmers, ranchers and producers regardless of size or production method expand markets here and throughout the world. As a former governor, he knows full well the opportunities and challenges that exist in rural communities. He will, I am sure, work hard to expand opportunity in rural America.

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“Coming from Georgia he knows the importance of maintaining healthy forests so he will be supportive of the Forest Service in its mission of protecting and restoring our forests. As a former governor, he will understand and pay attention to the many and varied interests that depend on the department including efforts to provide all of us and especially our children with safe, nutritious and affordable food.

“Finally, his familiarity with our great Land Grant University system, including minority serving institutions, place him in a good place to advocate for the work at those colleges and universities in research and the development of the next generation of farmers, ranchers and producers.”

Vilsack is currently president and CEO of the U.S. Dairy Export Council.


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