WASHINGTON, March 21, 2017 – Scott Graves, the former Republican staff director of the House Agriculture Committee who recently joined the law and lobbying firm, Williams & Jensen, is taking over representation of the American Association of Crop Insurers.

“We are excited to work with Williams & Jensen and Scott Graves to continue AACI’s advocacy for the federal crop insurance program as a cost-effective and vital risk management tool for America’s farmers, ranchers and growers,” said AACI Chairman Larry Heitman.

Graves, who will be executive director of AACI, began working in the personal office of House Agriculture Chairman Mike Conaway, R-Texas, in 2005 and served as his chief of staff before becoming GOP staff director of the committee in January 2015. 

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AACI, which was founded in 1970, has been represented by McLeod, Watkinson and Miller. Mike McLeod has been serving as executive director.

“The modern federal crop insurance program, AACI and Mike have been deeply intertwined for nearly forty years,” said Heitman. “Mike has been a strong advocate and champion of federal crop insurance, especially including private sector delivery and the need for developing and maintaining a national scope.”

David Graves, no relation to Scott, has been president of AACI and will continue working with the organization. He "will continue in his service to AACI, building upon the work he’s conducted since 2004 from both a strategic and administrative standpoint,” Heitman said.


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