MISSOURI, August 30, 2017 - The American Ethanol team scored its third victory at the Lake of the Ozarks annual Shootout boat race last weekend, with a 204-mph run on a shortened course. The previous one-mile course run was reduced to three-quarters of a mile this year.

But the boat – a Mystic Powerboat 51-foot catamaran – has been a consistent winner at both lengths: clocking 208 mph in 2015 and 217 mph in 2016.

Don Onken, an Illinois farmer who owns the boat, along with Oil Filter Recyclers, Onken Racing and Lightning Performance Group, utilized the boat’s four engines totaling 9,000 hp. That’s a 30 percent increase from last year’s engines which produced 1,700 hp apiece.

As Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor noted after last year’s win: “American Ethanol is more than compatible with marine engines because it burns cooler and cleaner than regular gasoline, and boosts power and performance. These boats running ethanol are taking home top honors and smashing records in competition, and these races are great validators for all the environmental and engine benefits of ethanol – it’s very exciting to see.”

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