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US, states back NAMI's continued appeal of Prop 12 decision

The federal government and 21 state attorneys general have joined the North American Meat Institute in asking the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to reconsider its October decision affirming a lower court ruling that had the effect of upholding California’s animal housing law, commonly known as Proposition 12.
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US agriculture shines in fight against pandemic

For all of you working on farms and ranches, you realize that the important work of producing food and feeding people never stops. It’s the same pattern for those in our packing plants, our truckers, our food workers and everyone along the supply chain from farm to fork.
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Plant-based foods get shout-out at DGAC meeting

Advocates of plant-based diets, including several people who claimed they had improved their health significantly by adopting them, showed up in force Thursday to make the case that the federal government should radically modify its nutritional advice. 
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