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War With Qaddafi

Why is the United States getting into another war? Why have we joined the French and British in bombing Muammar Qaddafis troops in Libya?
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About Time: Trade with Mexico

After 17 years, the United States seems to be moving to implement the cross-border trucking provision which is specified in the North American Free Trade Agreement.
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If you forget the forests, will you forget the farms?

Investing in federal forest timber products is the most productive way of producing jobs of any federal program since each $1 million invested in the federal timber products budget produces 39.7 jobs, a ratio is better than investing in mass transit, building roads or even investing in biomass.
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Solving our deficit and national debt problems

America's deficit and national debt problems can't be solved by cuts in discretionary areas like food programs, farm programs, or earmarks without addressing the four root causes of the deficit and debt problems: Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and Defense.
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