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Food and Fuel Myths

Leading agricultural economists debate food vs. fuel myths in a new opinion piece on
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A Farm Bill Diet We Should Not Swallow

Given that America’s farmland must be able to feed billions more people each year on a shrinking land base, cutting conservation programs in the farm bill would be woefully shortsighted.
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Trifecta for Truth

In modern day Washington, we have reached the stage where anytime anyone even mutters the truth it’s worth popping a cork over. Former House Agriculture Committee Chairman Larry Combest explains why.
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Conservation cuts: fair or foul?

The recent budget deal negotiated between Congress and the President for funding the federal government this year will reduce spending on USDA agricultural conservation programs by more than $800 million.
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Reality Shrugged?

Metatags: With the farm sector's economic stability at stake, Larry Combest questions whether Congress will mistakenly impose further cuts on essential farm program spending.
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Memories of Malawi

In many ways, Malawi is leading the African Green Revolution since in less than a decade, Malawi has been transformed from a country dependent on grain imports to one that is now a net grain exporter.
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