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Sugar tensions heat up ahead of farm bill

U.S. sugar farmers want to keep restricting the inflow of foreign supplies just as much as sweetener users – think candy and food companies – want to increase imports and push down prices. As a result, friction between the two sides is heating up as Congress prepares to write the next five-year farm bill.
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US, Brazil inch toward free trade agreement

WASHINGTON, Oct. 11, 2017 – The U.S. and Brazil have clashed often in recent years over trade in everything from cotton to beef to ethanol, but the two ag producing powerhouses continue to dance around the prospects of a binding free trade agreement while quietly laying the building blocks for such a pact.

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Mexican growers convince court to ban U.S. potatoes

MEXICO, August 9, 2017 -A Mexican district court judge in Los Mochis ruled last week that the systems approach for U.S. fresh potato imports “lacks scientific basis” and, citing phytosanitary concerns, ordered a continued ban on U.S. potatoes in most of Mexico.
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Syngenta’s Viptera trial: Don’t expect resolution any time soon

WASHINGTON, June 28, 2017 - It was Thursday, June 22, in the Syngenta Viptera trial. The lawyers for the Kansas growers and Syngenta had finished delivering closing arguments and the jury had received instructions from the judge for how it should arrive at a verdict. But the jury needed one more thing. In a note to the judge, they asked, “Can we have a calculator”?
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