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European Union

Europe poised to enter world of gene editing

The European Union appears ready to facilitate approval of gene-edited crops and usher in a new era on the continent, one where plants created using “new genomic techniques” (NGTs) are no longer substantially barred from production.

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Steve Censky

White House looks to clear path for 'bioeconomy'

Trump administration officials say they are committed to reducing regulatory barriers to agricultural biotechnology as part of a larger strategy to promote the development of a "bioeconomy" based on far-reaching scientific innovations that could revolutionize medicine, nutrition and manufacturing as well as farming.
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Food safety expert picked as White House science adviser

A Purdue University food safety scientist, Charles R. Santerre, has been named a senior policy adviser in the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy, where his assignments are expected to include helping coordinate the administration’s work on agricultural biotechnology. 
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