The University of California, Davis, has received a $790,000 grant from the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research to test new technology to improve the drying methods used in food production. The grant from FFAR, which was established by the 2014 farm bill, has been matched by the UC Davis Innovation Institute for Food and Health and the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences for a total $1.5 million investment. This new method will use innovative moisture-absorbing technology instead of exclusively relying on heated air to dehydrate produce, such as grains, nuts, rice and seeds, for optimum storage and distribution. The research is being led by Irwin Donis-Gonzalez, from the College of Agriculture’s Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering. "Drying agricultural produce is an energy intensive process and it is imperative to find alternative means of drying for the enhancement of food quality, safety, and economical operations, while reducing food losses and waste," Donis-Gonzalez said.