The FDA has approved a drug – Experior Type A, sponsored by Elanco – that, when fed to beef cattle under specific conditions, results in less ammonia gas released as a by-product of their waste. It’s the first time the agency has approved a drug that reduces gas emissions from an animal or its waste. Studies of Experior indicated that the product partially reduces ammonia gas emissions from manure from an individual animal or a pen of animals in semi-controlled conditions in enclosed housing. The evidence did not demonstrate any health benefit or performance advantage in beef cattle, such as weight gain or feed efficiency, as a result of receiving Experior, although no negative effects were noted. Multiple studies indicated that Experior is safe when administered to beef cattle. Meat from beef cattle treated with Experior is safe to eat, and no withdrawal period is required when beef cattle are dosed under the FDA-approved conditions described on the label, the agency said in a release.

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