A merger between Barrick Gold Corporation and Newmont Goldcorp Corporation in Nevada could displace and affect surrounding ranches and land owners. Newmont previously held large assets in the area have now been transferred to Barrick to form the Nevada Gold Mines LLC. Dr. J.J. Goicoechea, DVM and chairman of the Eureka County Commissioners told the Western Livestock Journal that there was, “shock in the area [when] the companies let several ranch managers go rather suddenly. He opined that the affected ranches will likely come under “one umbrella” and be leased out.” Multiple ranches of size were included in the merger, including Elko Land and Livestock which covers, “about 1.2 million acres across 19 BLM allotments in northeastern Nevada, and runs 11,500-15,000 head of cattle,” from a report by the Elko Daily Free Press. Other ranches include the Horseshoe Ranch, the IL Ranch, and others to equal over 2.5 million acres. George Fennemore, head of Nevada Gold Mine’s permitting, land and ranches said “As part of this agreement, Elko Land and Livestock Co. (ELLCo.) remains its own entity, but all of ELLCo.’s Nevada assets have become part of the joint venture.” Multiple rumors have circulated about the merger and who will ultimately end up managing the rangeland covered within the allotments now considered part of Nevada Gold Mines LLC. Barrick President and CEO told Globe Newswire “Its creation was driven by a compelling logic which had long been evident to all but had been elusive for two decades until we finally achieved a breakthrough this year.” The Nevada Gold Mines LLC. are said to be planning to review the operations and ranches currently running in the state and determine how to move forward regarding the management of the land, in the coming months.

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