China is continuing to follow through on promises to remove non-tariff barriers to U.S. farm commodities, according to a new compilation of goals that China agreed to in the “phase one” agreement that went into effect last month.

First off, China completed an update of U.S. facilities that are approved to export dairy products to the country. China’s failure to update the list has been a major irritant to the U.S. industry, officials tell Agri-Pulse.

Secondly, China has signed a protocol that effectively lifts the country’s ban on fresh nectarines from California.

And third, China has lifted its ban on U.S. beef from cattle over 30 months old at the time of slaughter. The age restriction — a safeguard against mad cow disease — has been a major impediment for U.S. beef for nearly over a decade, but more needs to happen for U.S. shipments can begin. China has also promised to lift its zero tolerance on growth hormone residue and the USDA still has to finish protocols on certifying U.S. exports.

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