The Chinese government has confirmed a new detection of the same disease that recently decimated the country’s giant hog herd.

According to Reuters, China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs confirmed a new detection of the disease on Friday on a farm near Lanzhou, a city in the north-central part of the country. Of the 9,900 pigs on a farm in Ganzu province, more than 90 died.

The nation’s first cases of the disease, for which there is currently no cure, were reported in August 2018 and the disease has since “decimated” China’s swine herd, according to a press release from the USDA Economic Research Service. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the disease caused the depopulation of nearly 1.2 million pigs in China.

The ministry stated that it is increasing efforts to monitor the spread of the disease. The viral disease, which is fatal to pigs but not to humans, is spread through direct contact between pigs or by contaminated objects. ASF also spread to other parts of the world, including other parts of Asia and Europe, in the most recent outbreak, but was never detected in North America.

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