After seeing its domestic pork production decimated by an outbreak of African Swine Fever, China is aiming to recover enough to produce 95% of its pork within its own borders.

According to Reuters, a Chinese cabinet document outlines plans for a quick rebuild to its livestock sector, but did not mention a specific time frame to achieve its targeted rebound. The goal of 95% self-sufficiency comes after the country lost massive amounts of hogs due to ASF; Chinese government estimates released in October 2019 projected a loss of inventory of more than 40% from the previous year’s figures. This year, USDA forecasts China’s pork production will fall more than 33% from pre-ASF levels in 2018.

The cabinet document also includes goals for China’s domestic beef and lamb production (85% of domestic demand) and milk (70%) while remaining fully self-sufficient in eggs and poultry, Reuters noted.

According to the U.S. Meat Export Federation, Chinese imports of U.S. pork had grown some 342% through the end of July to about $1.1 billion in imports. The China/Hong Kong region is typically among the top markets by both volume and value for pork and has been an emerging market for U.S. beef.

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