Former Vice President Joe Biden has defeated incumbent Republican Donald Trump on a wave of urban and suburban support, setting the stage for major shifts in executive branch priorities.

The Associated Press called the race for Biden shortly after results in Pennsylvania gave him the necessary 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency. Final vote counts were still being added up in a few states, and the election results are not final until certified by Congress in January.

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Biden’s win comes as Democrats were largely unable to gin up rural support across the ballot. Trump held many of the strong margins in rural counties that carried him to victory in 2016, but Biden’s surge of support in more populated areas ultimately tipped the race in his favor. But the rural support for Trump also showed up down the ballot as many rural Democrats — most notably House Ag Committee Chair Collin Peterson — were unable to hold onto their seats in Congress and Democrats were unable to flip Senate seats that were thought to be in play in rural states.

Trump and his campaign officials have pledged to fight the results, claiming — without evidence — that illegal ballots were being counted in the election. On Thursday, Trump told reporters “they are trying to steal the election from us” and that his team was preparing a “tremendous amount of litigation because of how unfair this process was.”

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