Beef producers have a new template to secure sound biosecurity practices on their operations.

The Beef Quality Assurance program on Monday rolled out a Daily Biosecurity Plan for Disease Prevention, which is designed to help cattle producers “implement daily biosecurity measures on their operations,” according to a release from the Beef Checkoff.

“Whether a cow-calf operation in California, a backgrounder in Mississippi or a feedyard in Kansas, being proactive and developing a written plan ahead of a crisis allows producers to implement and become familiar with biosecurity precautions,” Kim Brackett, chair of the BQA Advisory Group, said in a statement. “Even more importantly, producers will be prepared if a biosecurity threat were to happen.”

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The template, available online, includes areas to record veterinary information, location and species of specific herds, a chain of biosecurity command, a training plan, and other aspects key to the operation’s protocols.

“In addition to providing basic information, the tool emphasizes why biosecurity is vital on cattle operations and provides an opportunity for producers to have conversations with their herd veterinarians, extension agents, and state BQA coordinators about biosecurity preparedness,” the Beef Checkoff noted in a release.

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