Leaders of the American Soybean Association tasked the organization with action on climate, conservation and trade policy as part of the group’s recent policy process.

According to an ASA release, the process concluded Feb. 25 after considering input from state delegates, and other ASA leaders. In a statement, ASA President Kevin Scott specifically called out the environmental language of the year’s policy priorities.

“Throughout this year’s document we recognize the role that climate and conservation will play in policy discussions in 2021, from thoughtfully addressing development of public and private ecosystem services markets to promoting precision agriculture technology as a tool to improve environmental stewardship while providing economic returns for growers,” Scott said.

ASA also added support for the reauthorization of Trade Promotion Authority – which allows the administration to send new trade deals to Congress for an up-or-down vote with no amendments – as well as a “sufficiently funded” Commodity Credit Corporation. The group’s infrastructure priorities include changes to the traditional gas tax to better reflect the use of electric vehicles and hybrids as well as identifying additional funding mechanisms for rural broadband.

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