The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) is accepting pre-proposals from researchers to study food additives’ ability to reduce livestock emissions. 

The new Livestock Enteric Methane Emission Reduction Research Program (LEMER-RP) has a $10 million budget to award research projects that evaluate feed additives and dietary potential to decrease dairy cattle and livestock methane emissions caused by ruminant animals’ exhales and belches. According to CDFA, dairy and livestock enteric methane emissions accounted for 35% of the agriculture and forestry sector's greenhouse gases in 2020.

“This research funding presents an opportunity for animal agriculture and the livestock sector to put forth solutions to ensure a sustainable future for the benefit of the livestock industry and all Californians,” said Marit Arana, chair of CDFA’s Feed Inspection Advisory Board.

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The research will also examine how feed additives impact the environment and animal health. Universities, nonprofits and California Native American tribes are invited to apply by August 7. Selected pre-proposals will then be reviewed before full proposal submission in November.

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