Professional football player Davante Adams has announced plans to support the Project Food Box mission to promote access to fresh, nutritious produce in vulnerable communities. Newport Beach-based Project FoodBox connects a network of 250 farms with food banks, community organizations, and healthcare partners to help address chronic health conditions and nutrition insecurity. Launched in 2020, Project FoodBox has delivered over 4.5 million boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables to families in need.

“Where I grew up, we didn’t always have access to the things you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle,” said Adams, who is a native of East Palo Alto, California, and played college football at Fresno State.  “I’m in a really fortunate position now to be able to help address those disparities. I believe everyone deserves nutritious, fresh foods and programs like Project FoodBox make that possible.”

Adams, who currently lives in Las Vegas and plays for the Raiders, announced that he will feature Project FoodBox, honoring California and Nevada food banks, as his chosen cause and beneficiary of his league’s “My Cause My Cleats” initiative, which promotes and raises funds for causes important to players. Adams will personally help design special cleats featuring Project FoodBox, which he will wear in a designated game this season. He is currently rated as one of the top 50 best NFL players by Pro Football Focus and as the best wide receiver in the league.

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“Having someone like Davante Adams in our corner, raising awareness for what we do, will make a real difference in our ability to bring produce to the people,” said Steve Brazeel, founder of Project FoodBox and CEO of SunTerra Produce. He says there is no shortage of fresh fruits and vegetables in the U.S., “but we require infrastructure to help food banks and similar organizations source and distribute that food.”

Project FoodBox works in partnership with Elevated Foods to source fresh fruits and fruits and vegetables from local farms. Elevated was recently awarded a $20M grant as part of the USDA’s Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities program.

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