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US breaks through Mexican potato trade barrier

U.S. potato shipments are for the first time reaching Mexican importers beyond the 26-kilometer limit established by Mexico years ago, marking the start of increased trade that will boost U.S. exports by tens of millions of dollars, according to USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.
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USDA: No end in sight for halt on Mexican avocado inspections

Officials from USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service won’t be inspecting Mexican avocados for export to the U.S. until the agency is confident there are safe working conditions in the state of Michoacán, effectively cutting off exports from the only Mexican state allowed to ship to the U.S.
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US ag exports hit record level in 2021

The U.S. exported $177 billion worth of agricultural commodities in 2021, firmly besting the record in 2014 by about 15% and overshadowing 2020 totals by 18%, according to new data released by the Commerce Department.
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Mexico’s growing taste for peanut butter offers a new front for US exports

Mexico consumes and imports a lot of peanuts. The country is typically one of the top three largest foreign markets for U.S. farmers, but the potential for expansion is still substantial, according to U.S. industry representatives, and that’s because of Mexico’s growing fondness for a staple most commonly associated with kitchen pantries north of the border: peanut butter.
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