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To trade or not to trade

there are winners and losers in the short run, but in the long run everybody wins from open trade. Flinchbaugh and Edelman debate farm policy and trade policy
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Michael Pollan: In Perspective

Leading food aid and farm policy spokesperson, Marshall Matz, takes Michael Pollan to task for what his overly simplified cheap food policy suggestions would mean for the world's hungry in an Agri-Pulse commentary.
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Wind, Rain, and Fire

National Journal Daily it was reported that the Vice President’s working group had not yet settled on a plan to raise the debt ceiling while cutting federal spending
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A Place at the Table

We need to make sure that our customers here and abroad understand that there is no way that organic farming alone can produce the food we need today to feed nearly 7 billion people
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Food and Fuel Myths

Leading agricultural economists debate food vs. fuel myths in a new opinion piece on
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