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Thompson, Stabenow offer opposing farm bill plans amid ongoing partisan battle

Leaders of the House and Senate Ag committees announced dueling plans for a new farm bill as the partisan impasse appeared to deepen ahead of the House panel’s planned votes on May 23. House Ag Chairman Glenn Thompson released a broad summary of his planned legislation, and his Senate counterpart, Debbie Stabenow, followed with a much more detailed section-by-section summary of her draft bill.

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Lawmakers eye crop insurance expansion

Lawmakers are looking at boosting subsidies for supplemental, area-based crop insurance policies to induce growers to buy higher levels of coverage, which could potentially reduce the demand from farm groups for ad hoc disaster assistance.
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conaway field hearing

House Ag Committee hears cotton woes in Texas field hearing

WASHINGTON, July 31, 2017 – The eight members of the House Agriculture Committee who traveled to San Angelo, Texas, for the panel’s second farm bill listening session heard from a wide variety of farmers Monday, but it was the cotton producers who dominated the event with pleas for more assistance.
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