USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service will announce in a Federal Register notice today its assessment that adopting one or more of the five designated phytosanitary measures would make certain Chinese produce safe for import. Under the notice - should China's National Plant Protection Organization adopt the practices - pomelo, Nanfeng, honey mandarin, ponkan, sweet orange, and Satsuma mandarin, could be eligible for import. Some of the measures needed for import include: the places of production and packinghouses are registered with the NPPO of China, there is a certification by the NPPO that proves material used at places of production is free of quarantine pests, cutting a portion of the fruit from a sample to inspect for quarantine pests, during the post-harvest the fruit is washed, brushed, and treated with a surface disinfectant or the fruit can go through an inspection at the port of entry in order to be imported. To read more of the measures that can be taken to export the fruit to the United States click here. The NPPO of China would have to enter into an operational workplan with APHIS that sets forth the daily procedures NPPO will take to implement the measures identified in the RMD. These measures are open for a 60-day public comment period.

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