In an effort to foster collaborative research and technology exchange, a delegation from China’s Ministry of Agriculture toured the Los Angeles factory of American Vanguard’s agrochemical branch last week. The visit came as a welcome respite for the two parties from the volatile trade negotiations between the counties.

The delegation landed on the 40th anniversary of the USDA’s scientific exchange agreement with China, which created the program that brokered the visit.

AMVAC COO Bob Trogele said the delegation was interested in learning about the California regulatory environment as well as lowering the environmental impacts of emissions. His team provided an overview of both AMVAC and the industry of crop protection chemicals, before diving into details about their top products.

Trogele said the delegation was impressed by the accuracy and lowered environmental impact of an upcoming precision application system called SIMPAS. The AMVAC team also covered their portfolio of biologicals marketed under Zevo.

While Trogele found that the delegation “seemed very pleased,” nurturing this relationship would also benefit AMVAC.

“Agrochemical discoveries by Chinese universities is becoming more prevalent,” he said. “Our SIMPAS technology can also be used with Chinese drone technology. That’s an area where they’re leaders in the agricultural precision industry.”

Trogele added that his company also has technology agreements related to process chemistry with Chinese manufacturers.

“We're interested in helping them market their technology outside of China,” he said, “but also bringing some of our technology into China.”

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