Dean Foods says it plans to leave the International Dairy Foods Association, saying one of the company’s key priorities — how to approach plant-based dairy alternatives using traditional nomenclature — is “no longer shared by the entire IDFA organization.” In a statement, the company said it believes “it is wrong that many plant-based products are currently marketed using milk’s good name yet are lacking several of the inherent nutrients of their dairy counterparts. Unfortunately, IDFA has been unable to reach consensus and take a stance on this important issue.” Dean Foods says it plans to “divert our advocacy resources to pursuing accurate product labeling” and it “can no longer financially support an organization that is not behind one of our core priorities.” In a statement, IDFA spokesman Matt Herrick said Dean Foods had been "an important member of IDFA and we wish them well." He added departures from IDFA are "very rare" and more than "30 companies joined as members in 2019 alone thanks to a more inclusive association that represents and engages all segments of the growing dairy industry, from milk, yogurt and ice cream to cheese and dairy-derived ingredients."

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