The Association of Equipment Manufacturers' January 2023 ag tractor sales data shows a steady decline in U.S. ag tractor sales, while Canada experienced growth in all sales segments. 

Total U.S. farm tractor sales fell 14.1% in January compared to January 2022., but two categories were outliers. The report showed sales of tractors with more than 100 horsepower increased by 22.8% and self-propelled combine sales climbed 132.7% year-over-year. Those increases, however, were pulled down by a 22.8% drop in two-wheel drive tractors with less than 40 HP, the largest category AEM tracks.

U.S. total farm tractor inventory sits at 133,245 units beginning in January 2023. 

Total ag tractor sales in Canada were up 7% in January compared to the previous year. Self-propelled combine sales rose by 179.6% to 137 units, and 4WD farm tractors increased by 75% to 49, the report outlines. The 2023 values are above the country’s five-year January sales average. 

“Industry-wide growth we see in Canada this month is a pleasant sight,” said Curt Blades, AEM's senior vice president for industry sectors and product leadership. “We hope that trends continue and expand to the U.S. market.”

“Most of the trends we’re seeing in this month’s report continue what we saw throughout most of 2022,” Blades added.

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