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Articles by Philip Brasher

Budget writers protect meat in diet guidelines

House appropriators are seeking to ensure the Obama administration doesn?t use environmental factors in writing the federal dietary guidelines for meat consumption. A draft fiscal 2016 appropriations bill for the Agriculture Department and Food and Drug Administration includes a provision that woul
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GOP weighing options to pass fast-track trade bill

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Republicans are ?very committed? to enacting a fast-track trade bill, but wouldn?t tip his hand as to they would overcome Democratic resistance that stalled a section of the measure. ?We have made no decisions yet but there are options,? said McCarthy told
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Fast-track trade bill passes key House test

Agri-Pulse Audio Web Page The fast-track trade bill cleared a key hurdle as the House narrowly approved a rule that sets up final votes on the actual legislation Friday. The rule was approved 217-212, with the help of eight Democrats who helped overcome the defection of 34 con
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