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Articles by Philip Brasher

Up next: Focus on budget and potential cuts

The budget issue will be coming into sharper focus as Republicans plan how to use their control of both the Senate and House to make deeper cuts in spending. Nutrition assistance and farm programs could potentially be vulnerable to cuts, depending on how far GOP congressional leaders decid
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Ozone standard stirring concerns in agriculture

Most of the criticism of the Obama administration`s environmental agenda has been focused on its effort to reduce carbon emissions from power plants and its proposed Clean Water Act rule, but a proposal to tighten limits for ozone is also stirring some concern in the agriculture and energy
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TPA tops GOP leaders' list of trade priorities

Lawmakers are getting ready to put in place a critical piece of President Barack Obamas trade agenda. Bills to grant the president Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) are expected to be dropped in the House and Senate sometime after Congress returns after this weeks recess.
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