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Regan says 2022 is baseline for RVOs

A top Biden administration official says it wants to provide more certainty around the Renewable Fuel Standard and “get the program back on track”. EPA Administrator Michael Regan also discussed WOTUS and pesticide registrations.
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Groups fear 'no consequences' for delaying biofuel volumes

Biofuel groups are frustrated election-year politics could be getting in the way of time-sensitive Environmental Protection Agency action on renewable fuel policy that needs to be finalized by the end of the year, and fear voter accountability in farm country will be lost if the agency delays acting before the November election.
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Next-gen biofuel dreams fade; developers blame EPA

Advanced biofuels made from fibers of corn stover, grasses, wood, and other plants were once pitched as the next boon for the renewable fuels industry, but now their future is cloudy at best as several flagship plants have ceased commercial production.
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