"Sustainability" is more than just a buzz word within the food and agriculture industry; it is evolving to be one of the largest driving factors in farm production and policy.

Agri-Pulse’s eBook, "Agriculture's sustainable future: Feeding more while using less" seeks to answer common questions about where the industry is headed regarding sustainability goals.

"The Agri-Pulse editors created one of the most comprehensive, in-depth investigations into this subject," said Sara Wyant, Agri-Pulse founder and editor. "We hope this special five-part series helps you navigate the complex decision-making that may be required in the months and years ahead."

Consumers are demanding more now than ever before from farmers and ranchers. Whether it is from the field, transportation, manufacturing, or other parts of the supply chain, food companies are evaluating every part of their environmental footprint.

Agri-Pulse editors spoke with leaders in production agriculture, education, consumer brands, environmental groups and more. Readers will gain insight surrounding:

  • Corporate giants' climate pledges take root, pressing farmers to go green
  • Fate of climate payment plans in hands of researchers                   
  • Carbon markets lure farmers, but will benefits be enough to hook them?
  • Farmers look to innovate their way to a smaller environmental footprint
  • US farmers count on environmental practices to get edge in foreign markets

A link to "Agriculture's Sustainable Future: Feeding more while using less" eBook can be found here. Sponsors include:

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